Program Forms

Interim Change Application

Please complete this form anytime you have a change in income, benefits, employment, etc. Once completed, return this form to our office at 2101 North Front Street, #3 along with any paystubs, bank statements, benefit letters, and any other income information. Please be advised that an Interim Change can take up to 60 days to process since we will need to verify all the household income.

Zero Income Worksheet

This worksheet is to be completed by anyone in the household, 18 or older, who currently has no income. This form usually goes with the Interim Change Application, especially if there is a loss of employment or benefits.

Request for Portability and Intent to Vacate

If you are thinking about moving out of your current unit, this form will start the process. Simply complete the form and submit it to your case manager and an appointment will be set up for you to receive the required paperwork to move. For additional information see this form: Relocating to Harrisburg

Please look at the following for additional information regarding Housing for Voucher Holders: