Section 8 Inspections


  • Initial inspections
    • An initial inspection is made before the HHA agrees to enter into a contract with a property owner to help pay a voucher holder’s rent. 
    • An initial inspection is required by federal law in order for the HHA to make sure that the property is worth the rent the property owner is requesting.
    • The inspections are quick, scheduled at owners’ convenience and free.
    • During the inspection the inspector simply makes sure that the unit is safe, sanitary and that the rent is reasonable before a voucher holder moves in.
    • The HHA will not allow voucher holders to move in until an apartment passes an initial inspection.
  • Annual Re-inspections
    • An annual re-inspections is required by federal law as a requirement of the HHA to make sure that owners and voucher holders are doing their parts to keep the units clean and safe.
    • Annual re-inspections also provide the HHA an opportunity to make sure that the rents paid are reasonable given each apartment’s location, condition, amenities and the local market rental.
  • Requesting Inspections
    • HHA encourages voucher holders to let their landlords know, in writing, when there is something in their apartment that needs repair.
    • We strongly recommend that voucher holders send us a copy of any correspondences with landlords so that we know when issues arise.
    • Times when the HHA encourages voucher holders to request a Special Inspection include, but are not limited to :
      • When landlords don’t respond to repair requests
      • If a voucher holder feels that repairs made were insufficient

HQS Inspection Checklist

  • Common reasons why a unit will fail a HQS Inspection:
    • Peeling or flaking paint
    • Unsafe or rotted porches
    • Water leaks
    • Lack of proper ventilation of flue on hot water tank
    • Weak or broken floor boards
    • Faulty plumbing
    • Missing electrical outlet covers or switch plates
    • Inoperable smoke detectors.