FSS, TANF, & Community Service

HHA Family Self- Sufficiency Program for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher 

  • The Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) is designed to assist families and individuals in becoming financially independent.  Participation in the program requires a personal commitment by each individual.  In exchange, participants receive supportive services and the opportunity to earn an escrow savings account.  These services are available to assist participants in transitioning from dependence on government benefits to an improved level of financial self-sufficiency. 
  • For more information on the FSS program see this:

 HHA Coordination with the Welfare (TANF) Agency

  • A cooperative agreement with TANF Agency to share information and / or target supportive services was signed 7/2/2003 
  • Coordinated efforts between the HHA and TANF Agency include 
    • Client referrals  
    • Information sharing regarding mutual clients
    • Coordinate the provision of specific social and self-sufficiency services and programs to eligible families

Services and Programs offered by HHA

  • Self – Sufficiency Policies
  • Economic and Social self-sufficiency programs
  • Family Self Sufficiency programs
  • Welfare Benefit Reductions

Community Service Requirement

  • Participants will be required to contribute 8 hours of community service each month or participate in a self-sufficiency program for 8 hours each month.
  • The HHA believes that community service should not be received by the resident to be punitive or demeaning but rather a rewarding activity that will benefit both the resident and the community.
  • Community service offers residents an opportunity to contribute to the communities that support them while gaining work experience.
  • The requirement is easy and rewarding and the HHA provides residents with the name of agencies, how to contact the agencies and all required paper work necessary to accomplish the monthly service.
  • Examples of programs that the residents can participate in are:
    • Reading Mentors
    • Library Assistant
    • Salvation Army Store Clerk
    • Office filing
    • Assisting kids after school with homework Helper
    • The following agencies assist residents in accomplishing their community service
      • Independent School District
      • Salvation Army
      • Boys and Girls Clubs
      • YMCA
      • City and School Libraries

Safety and Crime Prevention

  • Crime Prevention activities taken by HHA
    • Contracting with outside and/or resident organizations for the provision of crime and/or drug-prevention activities
    • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
    • Activities targeted to at-risk youth, adults, or seniors
    • Contract with Harrisburg City Police for community policing, additional patrols, etc.