Payment Standards & Utility Rates

Payment Standards 

The maximum housing assistance paid on behalf of a tenant.  The payment standard is the beginning amount used for calculating the housing assistance payment.  The maximum housing assistance that eligible families can receive under the program is the difference between 30% of the net household income and the current payment standard.   


  • The HHA will pay a monthly amount to the owner, which is the difference between the rent paid by the family and the approved rent for the unit. The rent is established based on local comparable rent standards for non-subsidized rents.  It is illegal for HCV Program rents to be set significantly higher than open market rents in the same area.
  • Housing Payment Contract (HAP)
    • is a written contract between Harrisburg Housing Authority and an owner for the purpose of providing Housing Assistance Payments on behalf of an eligible family.
  • Maximum term of HAP
    • is the same as the term of the lease (not less than one year, subject to any HAP or Contract requirements which allow for termination of the contract).  The HAP contract may be extended indefinitely if the family remains in occupancy under the terms and conditions of its original lease.

Utility Schedules for Detached and, Semi-Detached and Single Family Homes  

 Water, Sewage, Trash

  • are to be paid by the owner up to the utility allowance designated on the utility schedule for the appropriate family bedroom size listed on the voucher.  if the unit is separately metered for water, the owner may request the tenant pay any amount exceeding the utility allowance with the exception of any late charges.  A copy of the City’s water bill must be attached to the tenant’s billing.