Utility Allowances

Utility Allowances

HHA-Furnished Utilities

Allowances for HHA-furnished utilities represent the maximum consumption units (e.g., kilowatt hours of electricity) which may be used by a dwelling unit without a surcharge for the excess consumption against the resident based on cost.

Resident- Purchased Utilities

 Direct from Supplier

  • Allowances for resident-purchased utilities represent fixed dollar amounts, which are deducted from the TTP chargeable to a resident who pays the actual utility charges directly to the utility supplier(s).

Indirect via HHA

  • The utility guidelines do not apply to dwelling units, which are served by HHA-furnished utilities, unless check meters are installed to measure the actual utility consumption of the individual dwelling units.  Residents in such units will be subject to charges for the consumption of electricity for resident-owned major appliances, or for the optional use of HHA-furnished equipment such as air conditioners.

  HHA will take the following actions with respect to allowances:

  • For all check-metered utilities, establish allowances for HHA-furnished utilities.
  • For all utilities purchased directly by residents, establish allowances for resident-purchased utilities.
  • In addition, maintain a record for the basis on which allowances and scheduled surcharges are established and revised. Records of any revisions to the allowances and scheduled surcharges shall be maintained.  HHA shall make such records available for inspection by the residents.
  • All residents shall be notified in writing of proposed allowances, scheduled surcharges and revisions not less than 60-days prior to the proposed effective date.