Resident Organizations

Tenant Organizations

  • At each of HHA’s Communities there is a Resident Association.  Each Resident Association has a President assigned to represent that community and the Presidents form to create the Resident Council.
  • Resident Association Operations include:
    • Food Distributions- Setting up food banks for other tenants. 
    • Providing Summer Activities-Including cookouts, games etc.
    • Thanksgiving and Christmas giveaways- Including food baskets for Thanksgiving and food and Toys for Tots for Christmas
    • Associations Operations- in Morrison and Lick
  • Health Programs-
    • Hershey Medical provides cancer awareness programs
    • Penn State provides programs on healthy eating?
  • Christmas Programs- 
    • are set up to help buy gifts for seniors
    • Ben Franklin School (next door to Lick Towers)- has their students make gifts and sing carols for the Residents.
    • The Future of HHA’s Community Resources and Resident Associations

There will be many new events and services available to the HHA’s residents in the near future.