Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program:

MTW Landlord Recruitment Microsite by Harrisburg Housing Authority

What is the HCV Program:

  • The HCV Program enables extremely low and very low-income families to live in safe sanitary and decent housing that would otherwise be unable to afford such housing from their resources. The program utilizes existing dwelling units owned or managed by various landlords or agents through the area.

Housing Quality Standards (HQS)

  • Dwelling units must meet the minimum HQS or they will not be allowed to participate in the HCV Program.
  • Standards can be found in The Housing Choice Voucher Program Guidebook reference 7420, The International Property Maintenance Code , 24 CFR Part 982 and the minimum requirements set forth by the City of Harrisburg Bureau of Codes Enforcement.
    • Initial and Annual inspections will be made to assure compliance


Request for Annual Rent Increase

By completing this form, the landlord can request a moderate rent increase for any given unit, on the anniversary of the client moving into said unit. We will conduct a rent analysis, to see if the rent requested is acceptable or not. If the rental amount is too high, the landlord will be notified, by mail and the rent for the unit will remain the same. Updated rental amounts will be applied during the Annual Re-certification process, and both tenant and landlord will be notified by mail.

Authorization for Direct Deposit

Harrisburg Housing Authority now requires ALL landlords to set up a Direct Deposit account for payment. Complete this form and return it to our office, with a voided black check, to ensure the funds are going to the right account.

New Landlord Information Packet

This packet is composed of valuable information for a new landlord renting property to a Section 8 client. Filled with information on forms, how the program works and more information, this packet is a must for any landlord renting to Section 8.

Amenities Checklist

In order to ensure that information regarding the unit is accurate, landlords may need to complete the Amenities Checklist. By using this checklist, we can ensure that the rental analysis is both accurate and up to date.